Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory 

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Founded in 1995, the Reconfigurable Computing Laboratory (LCR), located in the Department of Computing Systems (SSC) at The University of São Paulo (USP), is a research laboratory focused on embedded systems and bio-inspired computing areas.

Research in embedded systems aims to develop tools for modeling and synthesis of customized hardware architectures along with software optimizations in order to improve performance and to reduce energy consumption as the main concerns. The research is applied to various areas, including Mobile Robotics, Image Processing, Computer Architecture, Mathematical Accelerators, and Education. The experiments are mainly based on FPGAs.

The LCR researches in evolutionary computing investigate natural systems as a way to learn how Nature designs solutions. The corresponding knowledge is synthesized in models that are used to design solutions for Engineering and Science problems.

The LCR welcomes applications from potential MSc or PhD candidates. We are also interested in collaborating with companies and research groups in projects in the areas of bio-inspired computing and embedded systems.

Research Topics:
  • Automatic Hardware Generation Tool
  • Embedded Multiprocessors
  • Power Estimation
  • Embedded Operating System
  • Image Processing
  • Navigation and Mapping algorithms for Mobile Robots
  • Reconfiguration of Electrical Networks
  • Frequency and Phase Estimations
  • "Ab initio" Molecular Modelling
  • Data Mining of Repositories of Codes and Spectra
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